Basement Remodel

Typical Application Areas

Doubleflex Fully Bonded Sheet Membrane
How Does it Work?
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• Foundation walls

• Basements

• Tunnels

• Garages

• Below Grade

• All other concrete constructions

Complete Sealing System

Crack in Cement

• It works as a complete sealing membrane with special butyl application

• Waterproofing tape for overlapping on top (behind the membrane, peel & stick system)

• Internal and external corners with self-adhesive butyl (peel & stick system)

• Collars for pipe penetrations

• Used in all applications, where structures have to be protected against groundwater and seepage.

• For the waterproofing of foundation walls, basements, tunnels, garages, and all other concrete constructions below grade.

• The 2-ply membrane consists of a needle-punch non-woven and FPO high-performance waterproofing membrane.


• Additional self-adhesive butyl strip along one side (100 mm).


Exterior Sealing Systems

When installed to industry standards sheet membrane systems are reliable and durable thermoplastic waterproof and air barrier solutions that create long-term benefits to the integrity of a structure.


Jaeger USA’s Below Grade Waterproofing Membrane is specifically designed and engineered for use with ICF technology (Insulated Concrete Forms). It is also an excellent choice for use on poured walls, CMU (Concrete Masonry Unit) foundation walls, and related applications where waterproofing is critical.


Use Jaeger USA's Below Grade Waterproofing Membrane in a complete waterproofing system with our Below Grade Flashing Tape, Corners, and Accessories.

Components of a complete sealing system
Doubleflex Layers in Building
below flex sealing membrane
below flex collar
below flex sealing tape
below flex corner
Outside Corner
Doubleflex Fully Bonded Sheet Membrane
Key Technical Features

In combination with freshly poured wet concrete

Doubleflex Below Grade Waterproof Layers

The 2-ply membrane consists of a needle-punch non-woven and FPO high-performance waterproofing membrane.

Jaeger USA’s Below Grade Waterproofing Membrane is a self-sealing system for a fast and simple installation process without the need for chemical-based construction sealants.

Jaeger USA’s Below Grade Waterproofing Membrane achieves its full sealing function in combination with freshly poured wet concrete. The sheet membrane when used in combination with fresh concrete on the side with the special non-woven fleece and the other side in contact with the substrate floor or wall surface to prevent the leakage of moisture (capillary action or retained water) or seepages from water under pressure.

Doubleflex Below Grade Application

The permanent mechanical bond created by the fresh concrete completely embedded into the fleece prevents any lateral water underflow between the Jaeger USA's Below Grade Waterproofing Membrane and the hardened reinforced concrete of the structure.

Protection against water migration

Crack bridging underwater pressure up to 5 bar from 1 to 4 mm.

Doubleflex Crack
Advantages / Benefits
Doubleflex Crack Example
  • DIN EN 1928 type A.

  • Migration size of 5 mm.

  • Tests after 7 days & 28 days.

  • Peel test on the overlapping area - Internal 20 N / 20 mm.

  • Water migration test (T-joint) - External ≥ 1.5 bar.

  • One time waterproofing system.

  • Easily installed.

  • No additional chemistry/adhesives 

  • Economic application.

  • Same material employed on walls and floors. 

  • Critical detailed areas secured.

Installation Temperature 

The bond begins when the non-woven comes into contact with fresh concrete.

After drying time about 70N / 50 mm (peeling test).

Water pressure: min. 5 bar.

Doubleflex Below Grade Tempature
Exterior Sealing System Product Family

Jaeger USA Sealing System creates a completely waterproof encasement and eliminates the possibility of expensive leaks and mold growth due to moisture penetration.

Basic kit component options available are a waterproofing membrane, waterproofing strip (available in two different options), pipe seal, mixing valve seal, outside corners, and inside corners. 

Tests and Accreditations
  • Products surpass the US and UK building codes


  • The data sheets mention all the parameters according to the DIN standards


  • Eco-friendly and can be used in areas containing potable water 


  • No Toxic materials involved. The products are free from Azo  Chemicals


  • We believe in testing products as many times as possible before introducing them to the market. Jaeger‘s state–of–the–art laboratory now can carry out tests in accordance to ETAG 22 standards.


  • Jaeger has its own laboratory approved and accredited by SATRA.

Project Onsite Action Pictures
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